• EBay Works so Well
    eBay is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, or so it seems. It seems such a small thing to buy a simple sliding bolt for a cabinet or the exact hinges you to hang your doors on. Then there are those now quite unique countersunk head brass screws that cost … EBay Works so Well Read More » Read the full post EBay Works so Well on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2022-05-26
  • Coffee Mugs Back in Stock (and Other News)
    After long delays because of shortages of clay and glaze, we now have a fair number of our handmade coffee mugs back in stock and ready to ship. Made by an artists’ collective in Minnesota, these mugs are outstanding for the workshop, with a wide base that makes them difficult to knock over (our cats...... Read more
    Source: Lost Art Press Published on: 2022-05-26
  • David Charlseworth Passed Away
    David Charlesworth passed away on Sunday 22 May 2022. My condolences goes out to his family. David was an excellent teacher. He graduated from his apprenticeship in the 70’s and immediately opened a woodworking school… More... Read more
    Source: Journeyman's journal Published on: 2022-05-26
  • no lemons.....
     What do you do when you are handed lemons and you don't like lemonade? I made a stupid me-steak today and this adage was the first thing that popped into the brain bucket. I didn't think how or why I committed this transgression but what do I do with the lemons now? Sugared lemon peel and salad dressing were two alternatives I thought of. I don't like sour or tart so I don't see myself indulging in either of these.... Read more
    Source: Accidental Woodworker Published on: 2022-05-26
  • Hands-on Engagement
    From the M&T Daily Dispatch: ... Read more
    Source: Mortise & tenon magazine Published on: 2022-05-25
  • Expect
    I often wonder why we sometimes think the way we do. I’ve mentioned this somewhere before and should mention it again. In a class some years ago in the USA, an exasperated man said, “I’m an intelligent being, I have an advanced degree and I am a problem solver heading up a team in IT … Expect Read More » Read the full post Expect on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2022-05-25
  • Back on track!
    Well, here we are, back on track, a new body! Mahogany core with book-matched figured maple top and back.... Read more
    Source: A Luthier's Blog Published on: 2022-05-25
  • The news today
    If it bothers you that I have put this on my own woodworking blog, tough shit.... Read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes Published on: 2022-05-25
  • The Hardware Store Under the River
    While working in Omaha, Nebraska, last week I took a couple hours to visit an exhibit of thousands of tools and household implements from the mid-19th century that had been preserved in the mud of the Missouri River. The objects – more than 250,000 – were recovered in 1968-69 from the wreck of the Bertrand,...... Read more
    Source: Lost Art Press Published on: 2022-05-25
  • Useful Leather Hoof Pads
    I like the idea of wearing a shop apron, but I’ve never been able to get in the habit, for a number of reasons. Some guys swear by them, and some have truly special ones. Jögge Sundqvist wears an amazing … Continue reading →... Read more
    Source: David Fisher, Carving Explorations Published on: 2022-05-25
  • Japanese teen reports knife-wielding man to police — but he was just holding old-fashioned flip phone
    Japanese teen reports knife-wielding man to police — but he was just holding old-fashioned flip phone: Michelle De Pacina:A teenage girl in Japan reported a man to the police after she mistook his flip phone for a knife.Dozens of officers responded to a reported sighting of a man carrying a knife at the Sendai Station in Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region at around 1:30 p.m. on May 19.When the police arrived and spoke with the caller, the teen’s friend said that... Read more
    Source: Giant Cypress Published on: 2022-05-24
  • It’s Really Happening!
    If you look at the world map showing outreach in real-time of our teaching and training woodworkers you would see flags dropping by the second onto all the countries of the world as people wake up to hands-on hand tool woodworking on a global level. Ten years ago I had sixteen people in a hands-on … It’s Really Happening! Read More » Read the full post It’s Really Happening! on Paul Sellers' Blog.... Read more
    Source: Paul Sellers' Blog Published on: 2022-05-24
  • The birth of Greenhouse No 2
    Been a tad busy, trying to get the next greenhouse up and running beside the old one.Once it is up, the older one will undergo Depot Level Inspection and Repair (DLIR) :-)It survived, wind storms, tree falling, winter storms.But it need some structural repairs.No 2 is going up to the left of No 1Yes, she set up one of her small portable greenhouse inside, which contained the covered warming bed I made.First order of business this Spring was to relocate plants... Read more
    Source: The Valley Woodworker Published on: 2022-05-23
  • next episode in Joined Chest series posted
    In between some lackluster birding outings this month, I’ve been building some ladderback chairs and weaving hickory bark seats. And working on my “Making a Joined Carved Chest” video series. Last week I uploaded the most recent episode, “Joinery Test-Fit pt. 1.  This one’s about test-fitting the joinery for the front and ends of the … Continue reading next episode in Joined Chest series posted... Read more
    Source: Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes Published on: 2022-05-23
  • Who Would Have Thought?
    I restocked my lumber stores a couple of weeks back with some 14-inch-plus wide cherry, mahogany, and poplar boards. The cherry has an exceptional figure and is full of curl. Simply beautiful. The poplar board has some rainbow action going on at one end. The grain of the mahogany is somewhat wild. It has a […]... Read more
    Source: An Unplugged Woodworker Published on: 2022-05-23